Spacious Bungalows with Massive Garden Area

How To Evaluate The Value Of A Luxury Property?

From the moment you step inside a luxury home, you feel the value of everything that surrounds you. From the ceiling to the floor, everything is made with the best quality materials while also having a lot of extra features that make the house luxurious. Evaluating the value of a high-quality luxury property involves much…
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An Inside Look Into The Big Luxury Home Trend

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought on a major change in lifestyle and housing needs, especially for the wealthy who can afford to choose where they want to live. One of the biggest contributing factors to the rise in luxury home sales is the amount of affluent home owners now working from home. This “big luxury…
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Guess The Right Answers Contest With Sebayu Hill Villas

Sebayu Hill Villas wants to spread the cheer in 2022 and give all Malaysians the opportunity to get to know Sebayu Hill Villas a little better and win some prizes. All you have to do is post the correct answers to our questions in the comments on our Facebook Post from 2/03/22 to 31/03/22 and…
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About Sebayu Hill Villas

The Crown Jewel Of Bangi South Many people have a vision of their dream home, but few have managed to see it in real life until now. Sebayu Hill Villas  is the most exclusive luxury development at Bandar Seri Putra in Bangi South. This exquisite guarded development, consisting of 17 beautifully built and modern designed…
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About Bandar Seri Putra In Bangi South

Overview Everyone is talking about Bangi South, and how it is becoming a popular destination to live and bring up their families. Bangi South is roughly situated between the towns of Bandar Baru Bangi, Selangor, and Nilai, Negeri Sembilan. The area used to be surrounded by palm oil estates, most of which have been converted…
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Luxurious Moments With Sebayu Hill Villas

Sebayu Hill Villas is celebrating luxury with “Luxurious Moments With Sebayu Hill Villas” To celebrate luxury, Sebayu Hill Villas is giving everyone the opportunity to share their most luxurious experience with us on Facebook. Simply share a photo and/or description of your most luxurious experience in the comments of any of our Facebook Post from…
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